Jesus On The Tube
Jesus On The Tube

Painting, exhibition hire, workshop and soul midwife rates


A Graceful Death - rates for exhibition hire including setting up and taking down, any workshops, talks or presentations by me, and curating, £300 per day, £150 per half day, plus travel and overnight expenses. NB I require a full day to set up the exhibition.


*Jesus on the Tube - customised,  individual and uniquely personal painting, with portraits of family, friends or anyone you wish to have with you on the train with a Jesus of your choice £700 - £800 + P&P. Price includes framing.

*Painted copy of the original £400 + P&P. Price includes frame.

*Print of the original £30 + P&P.

Please be aware that no copy painted is ever exactly the same as the original. It is just as good, but will always be a bit different.


Portraits and other works – including portraits and words from the end of life - depends on what is required and the size.

Prices generally between £100 and £3,000.


Soul midwife services - It is impossible to know what to ask for as a soul midwife.  If you can offer a donation, I accept with gratitude.  I will ask for travel to be covered though, if it is beyond five miles.

I believe all people should have access to a soul midwife.   


Isi’s Magic book, written by Dreena Marten illustrated by Antonia Rolls.

Isi's Magic is a book with a difference.  Isi is not your usual negative stereotype of a witch - she is cute, she's fun and she likes hot chocolate!

Does she ride a broom?  No!  Does she wear a pointy black hat?  No she doesn't!  Discover the real Isi in this beautifully illustrated book for young children.

 - payment of £4.99 + £3.60 Postage and Packing (Mainland UK, others please contact for price).


For orders by bank transfer (BACS), please send me your name, address and quantity required, after payment has cleared, I will post them to you first class.